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Opposite of multitasker, a singletasker is one who only takes upon one task at a time, and follows it through to completion. Often used sardonically when someone is bragging about their supreme multitasking skills.
Bobby: "Today I'm only going to focus on finishing my TPS reports and not to answer the phone, email, text, IM, staple, and make breakfast simultaneously."

Jeffy: "You are such the singletasker!"

Bobby: "I can't even respond to you at this time, because then I'd be multitasking."
by TallGreg November 18, 2009
The action of taking a "lap" around the office to avoid the inevitable afternoon drowsiness. Usually involves stopping by the water cooler, copier, and various coworker offices or cubicles.

Laptime has a greater occurrence for those that stay up late, were partying last night, or those who ditched work in the morning to ski fresh powder.

Used by those that know the falling asleep on the keyboard can be hazardous to one's health due to short circuiting, and also to one's employment should the boss happen to saunter by.
Ricky: That's the third time Bobby has stopped by my office this afternoon.

Cal: Its laptime for him, again... He must have been out all night!!!
by TallGreg December 31, 2009
The ex-wife or first wife. Commonly used to refer to the first wife after being remarried.

May also be used for husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.
Jonny: Yeah, I'm divorced.

Bobby: Sorry to hear that. You know, they call the first wife the mulligan wife.
by TallGreg January 19, 2010
Referring to your ex (girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife) prior to your current ex (girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife). Similar to how Christmas Eve Eve is two days before Christmas.

Can also be extended out indefinitely, ie. ex ex ex would be the ex prior to the ex ex.
Bobby: Who was that?

Ricky: Oh, that's my ex ex. She's a real pain. My ex and I actually still get along.
by TallGreg January 19, 2010

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