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A nice type of tire. Usually low profile, and expensive. looks good wrapped aournd 28inch rims! A term used in the bay.
pimp #1 - u seem my mitchelin s?
Hoe #1 - What is a mitchelin s?
pimp #1- Bitch go get my money!
by Tall Paul Dogg September 17, 2006
A steamy oven is where 2 males (one with foreskin) Cuddle together. One wraps the other mans penis with his foreskin and they keep cuddling. Penis covered in another man's foreskin. Sleep tight!
(Homo #1) Hey sailor lets go start up a steamy oven!

(Homo #2) My penis is cold and wants your forskin to keep it warm, lets go!
by Tall Paul Dogg September 11, 2006

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