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21 definitions by Tacoma Beags

(n) When a fat chick’s Facebook profile and albums contain nothing but photos of her and her skinny hot friend, leading prospective suitors to believe that she is in fact, the skinny hot friend. When approaching similar situations, one should note that statistically, 11 times out of 10, the profile belongs to the fat ugly chick. No self-respecting hot chick would ever risk confusion by including her fat friend in ANY of her Facebook photos, despite the latest ‘Tagging’ technologies.
Dude, epic failure on my part last night. I met up with this chick from Facebook—a total beast—yuckie, man.

Seriously? I thought she was hot.

Nope, turns out she was the other one.

Oh man, that's identity heft. You should sue.
by Tacoma Beags June 24, 2011
(v) The act of slapping a vagina with a whip or belt. Duh.
Damn girl, my pussy hurts something fierce.

Really, why--you having a flare up or something?

No, Jeff was pussy whipping me all night last night.
by Tacoma Beags June 30, 2011
(n) An act of oral sex preformed on a standing male who then wipes his penis dry on the unsuspecting orator's shoulders, from left to right.
Wow bro, look at Liz. She has some great shoulders.

Yah man, it's from all those "One Knight's Stand" 's I give her-- I hear it's good for the skin.
by Tacoma Beags June 30, 2011
The ability to poop in the amount of time it would normally take you to piss, so as not to alert guests or hosts as to what you’re truly doing. Making the Piss Window is most critical when dining out with friends, entertaining guests in your home, or visiting the home of another. Failure to make the Piss Window will usually result in bouts of awkwardness as you exit the bathroom, because everyone will know….you just took a shit.
Joe: Dude, 2 minutes and 14 seconds...you just barely made the Piss Window.

Sam: Tell me about it. It'd be pretty embarrassing if Julie found out I took a shit on our first date.

Joe: Too late, I just told her.
by Tacoma Beags January 26, 2013
(n) A five-finger finger banging where the fingers do not form a fist but instead point forward meeting at the tips to form what appears to be a finch’s beak.
Finch's Beak

Damn girl, my coochie aches from that finch’s beak Rick gave me this morning.
by Tacoma Beags July 02, 2011
(n) An area, usually a room or garage, created by a man specifically for that man where he and his bro’s can escape and be themselves without judgment—like a man cave without the masturbation station.
Ah man, it’s 2 am and all the bars are closed. Now what?

Let’s roll over to Billy’s bro cove and watch some Sex and the City.
by Tacoma Beags July 02, 2011
(n) A four-finger finger banging with sharpened or untrimmed nails.
While chewing his nails, Marty noticed his fingernails seemed a little fleshy. It was then he remember the puma paw he gave Jamie the other night.
by Tacoma Beags July 02, 2011