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A colaboration of the two words Jiga-boo, and abortion.

1) An abortion preformed by use of a metal clothes hanger. This meathod is especially popular in big city government housing areas i.e. "Projects" or "hoods" and other such forms of low income housing. Tho it is most common in big cities it is not uncommon to find this method being practiced in small rural areas.

2) Any mandatory abortion due to one or both of the parents being of African descent (Jigaboo's or Nigger's).

* Other variations may include the use of foreign objects such as a 2 Liter of soda (7Up) ETC...
In a sentence : I personally believe a "Jiga-bortion‏" should be a mandatory procedure in the medical field.
by Taco Tangler April 25, 2011

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