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The hippy is a sex position where three guys are doing three girls doggy style while the girls are all making out. All the while, all three guys are fist pounding, thus resembling a peace sign.
I've got one goal in life. That's to do the hippy.
by THE dick hatch January 20, 2008
The Nuck is when you're getting ready to do the dirty to a girl's asshole and instead of just sticking two fingers in there, you stick all 4 up to your big knuckles.

Furthermore, the double Nuck is when you use both hands up to your big knuckles.
I was with this ho last night and I was poundin' her for hours when I decided I wanted somma that sweet ass, so I nuck'd her!
by THE dick hatch January 20, 2008
When you use a trash bag for a condom and after you skeeted, you put the bag on her face and start to suffocate her so that the arousal is heightened.
This chick was too crazy for me, so I trash bag'd her to death.
by THE dick hatch January 20, 2008
When you're performing the double nuck and you decide you want some action, so you put your penis in between your hands while you're double nuckin' her and fuck her.
Dude, this chick's asshole was the size of a small city. After I did the double nuck with ease, I decided to whip out the knuckle sandwich.
by THE dick hatch January 20, 2008
an abbreviation for "Fuck You, Turn Table", often heard on the popular music DJing website turntable.fm when the site glitches and boots users from the stage and/or room.
Jon: "wtf I was up and now I'm standing on the ground. Seriously. FYTT."
by THE dick hatch September 12, 2011
Stands literally for the verbage 'Turn Table Fucked'. Used as the past tense form of FYTT.

Commonly used when Turntable.fm removes you from the DJ stage unannounced. Often times you don't even know until the current song is over.
We were all royally TTF'd today during Orianthi.
by THE dick hatch September 27, 2011
When you buy an extra case for a party and stash it in a hidden fridge or room. After you run out of beer and ask everyone for beer money, you go back to your bro pad and grab the happy case.
Yo let's score some money from everyone before I tell them we're going to the store. Then we'll just grab the happy case and everyone's happy.
by THE dick hatch September 24, 2010

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