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A predefined area designated for complete spousal(female) avoidance. The Spousal Avoidance Center(SAC)can be a man cave, a TV room, a garage or any other physical room that achieves the objective of complete spousal avoidance. Any SAC must be equiped with proper safe-guards to notify the Man in the SAC of the approaching spouse. While in the SAC a man must never respond to the spouse or demonstrate any sense of urgency in leaving the SAC when called to leave. An ideal SAC contains a beer fridge(stocked), shelves for snack foods, microwave, large screen TV for football and other sports, a serious stereo, wall photos of manly icons such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, John Wayne and Evil Kneivel and also a video gaming center if required. A bar with stools for other men trying to achieve total spousal avoidance is highly encouraged. A toilet is ideal to prevent exiting the SAC for obvious reasons.
"I spent the weekend in the Spousal Avoidance Center after my wife and I got into a fight".
"During football season I can be found in the Spousal Avoidance Center(SAC) on Monday night, Sat. and Sun."
"Dude, come on over, we will go to the SAC and avoid our spouses."
"My wife knows better than to come into the SAC with a honey do list".
by TD1964 February 06, 2009
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