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Literally giving your heart to someone for one day in February... if they accept, they are known as a "Valentine".

There are several different ways to ask:
1. The "Grade School Method" - Will you be my Valentine? Check YES NO or MAYBE
2. The "Charlie Brown Method" - Creating a hand crafted and laced heart shaped Valentine's Day card to the one you love
3. The "Tiffany Method" - Utilizing a popular public website to give your heart away. *see example*
You make me want to break every rule. Like the one that says when you play that flower petal game you have to alternate "I love you's" with "I love you not's" ...and the rule that says that only certain people are meant to be together...

Rules don't mean a thing. You were made for Me.

...and I don't want to give you my heart for just one day, but we'll take this one step at a time, so Melina...

Will you be my Valentine?
by T. McNeil February 07, 2011

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