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MFD em-eff-dee - adjective:
1. MFD, or Mother Fucking Delicious, is an emphatic adjective that when expounded can show greater emphasis (i.e. Mutha Fuckin- or in extreme cases Muh Fuggin-);
2. Applied to negative contexts MFD can become a flexible expression to appropriately enhance the negative statement: M.F. Disgusting;

3. MFD can appropriately enhance a broad statement: M.F. Dank;

Noun (used as object)
4. MFD can appropriately enhance a sexual or derogatory statement: M.F. Dick;
1. “Say Ma, this food is MFD!” or “No but f’real moms, this food IS muh fuggin delicious!”
2. “My bro just Instagrammed a pic of his MFD shit.”
3. “Come hit this MFD blunt right here” or “This dirty rap is so MFD!”
4. “Yooo mami over there is lookin right, she bout to get this MFD tho!” or “I don’t like my boss, she’s being a MFD right now.”
by T-Millz J.EZ March 29, 2013

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