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Also known as 'Gypsies' or 'Snails'(due to the simple fact that they lug their houses round with them.) They are all in-breds due to 'accidents'(allegedly), in their 'House-On-Wheels'. They often work on fair-grounds! They shag anything & everything....usually drunken vunerable 16 year-olds! They collect stuff....like middle-class folks money, bumped cars, young children's new bike that they got for christmas, tools....anything basically! They are too damn thick to work their outside 'tin bath'....therefore they stink (usually of urine & faeces, as they also are too damn stupid to work their 'hole-in-the-ground')

On the whole they are skum!
Pikey: Aaaright Bwoy...Ya wanna buay DVD ployer?

Me: Oh Fuck Off!
by T-Kay-O December 03, 2003

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