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jaelyn is...absolutely flawless when it comes it beauty, yet he hates to hear it. Anywhere she goes she's bound to be the center of attention. but be careful if you get on her bad side she knows how to put you in your place! Jaelyn is caring whether it's for someone she just met or her loved ones. there arent many things that make her happier than being told she's loved as long as it's true. although it may take some time to see she's as loyal as can be whether you're her friend or her lover she will undoubtedly have your back. jaelyn is also not afraid to stand up for what she believes in even if she's alone
there's just something about her that will make u try your hardest to make this girl laugh and smile!

what can I say she's kind of perfect... well for me atleast;)
guy1: Bro do you see that girl she's beautiful
guy2: That's jaelyn she's a total cocktease you'll never get with her

guy1: Is that a joke dude i got this
guy2: goodluck!

guy1: man talking to her was awesome she was laughing the whole time and had a perfect smile
guy2: but did you get her number
guy1: I wish, she said she's already with someone
by T the MUFFIN man November 21, 2011

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