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It's the new rad.
Johnny - hey yo jason, which do you prefer, ninjas or pirates...?

Jason - uhh.. well since pirates HELLA suck! I'd say NINJAS! DUH!!!

Johnny - Hell yeah dude! Ninjas are Tight Tight Hella Tight.
by swingingchair January 29, 2010
is when you're so NOT SURE whether or not a girls face is hot or not that you could take a baseball bat to her face, and it could either make her WAY uglier or WAY hotter!!!
J-1 : DUDE! A's Face is sooo 50/50

J-2 : Yeah man, we gotta take a baseball bat to her face.
by swingingchair November 24, 2009
M.O.C stands for Make Out Chick.
1. A Girl that you meet on any random night that you just see and start making out with, after randomly meeting
2. A girl that you can call up, and with no strings attached just go make out with. This is different than a F*ck buddy, strictly making out, possibly cop a feel, thats it!
Johnny says : Hey bro, what do you wanna do tonight?
Jason says : Lets go hit up the mall and pick up some M.O.C.'s!
Johnny says : TIGHT !
by swingingchair October 22, 2009
When your phone is so legit it grows its own stache.
J: "Yo M, looks like your iPhone has been working on its credentials."

M: "Yeah dude, it just got back from its first iStache ride."
by Swingingchair February 12, 2010
A Douchbag
Jason : Dude why the hell is Kory hitting on my girl
Johnny : I know right!? He is such a DOUCHER
by Swingingchair April 07, 2010

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