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1 definition by Swansea Brethren

Cube - Verb, 'To strike a person in the head (preferably on the jaw) with your fist, with intent to knock them out in one punch

Originated from the phrase; 'to cue' i.e. to injure someone utilising a snooker or pool cue

First conceived in Swansea, Wales:

"...so I cued him"

"Cubed him?"

"No. I hit him with the pool cue, but actually cubed sounds better"
"If he does that again, then I going to fucking cube him"

"He was being a cheeky cunt, so I cubed him"

"Fair play. She cubed her so hard, she went down like a sack of shit!"
by Swansea Brethren March 17, 2010