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People With Original Thoughts.

A group of 5 Canadian teenagers, bored with not belonging to any premade label at their local high school, decided to make their own. Characterized by crazed personal fashion, an ability to make their own decisions, generally having fun times without substance abuse and a love for diabetic cookies and shopping carts, they can often be found in and around their High School, usually making lots of noise and alienating the preps and woop-woops. When confronted by a pwot, the best idea would be to run quickly, before being sucked into the wonderful void of originatilty and general good times that will most likely ensue.

Character traits exhibited by many, but not all, of the pwots include the following; a love for brightly coloured clothing, intelligence, yearning to be an (underwear) model, hotness, musicianship, artistic-ness, strong Christian beliefs, lack of substance usage, loudness, attention loving, and general awesomeness.

Common hangouts of the pwots include the mall, random areas in their high school, Tim Hortons, the residential streets surrounding their high school, the diabetic cookie shop, a certain dairy farm, the local Wesleyan Church, Zios, the local School of Music, thrift/vintage stores and anywhere else they can get away with being retarded.
People With Original Thoughts, that's what it's like to be the pwots.
by Susanna Banana August 26, 2006

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