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1.adj.Abrnormal or offensive person or object.
2.adv.Abnormal or offensive action or expression.
3.v.Vocal expression connotating retardation or instability of one's self.
4.v.The name given to the eccentric noise of the notorious cake bird.
5.Replacement for any noun, adjective or adverb; generally used when no appropriate or more appropriate alternative is able to be thought of.
1."Andrew, you are so cake."
2."Emma is acting quite cake."
3."Casey keeps saying 'cake'; that girl's got something wrong with her."
5a."Daniel, fix youre head; it's such a... cake!"
5b."Daniel, fix your head; it's so.... cake!"
5c."Daniel, fix your head; it's acting... cake!"
by Supercake Allstar February 03, 2004
Famous boy on the cover of Crumfin-it's multi-platinum album, 'Poodle Style'.
Aaron is such a poodle.
by Supercake Allstar January 31, 2004

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