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2 definitions by Super Matt 57

Originally used as a colloquialism for anal waste, or "poo". It's meaning has now suffered from over-extension, and can be applied as a pejorative noun for anything one dislikes
I think the new Britney spears album is bobar
by Super Matt 57 January 05, 2005
59 19
A place where stupid people go to eat disgustingly unhealthy food, served to them by staff who are mostly just as disgustly unhealthy and stupid themselves.
(tip, if you want to know what eating fast food does to you, take a look at the overweight, greasy faced, mank haired guy/girl who serves you your food)
Q "where shall we go to eat tonight, honey?"
A "anywhere but burger king"
by Super Matt 57 January 05, 2005
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