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A term used to define a preferably Indian person who is usually Sikh; they have a fetish for living in luxury. However a lot of the things they buy are absolutely cheap and they usually get them from a nearby run-down market. But they consider them to be luxurious but they are really not luxurious to the eyes of a non-desi. Pendoos are like the asian equivalent of chavs, if you will.

They have very thick indian accents, so thick that they pronounce bare words wrong like...

Whisky - 'Biskey'
Hounslow - 'Huns-lor'
Ford - 'Phworr-der'
Pound - 'Porned'
England - 'In-gland'
Bastard - 'Par-Sterd'

They have a really distinctive dress sense. You can instantly tell if a Desi person is Pendoo.

they have a big Turban, big 1970's jacket (that he got from Hounslow market last saturday), a cheap belt they use to hold in their big arse stomach, white trainers and a flimsy pair of trousers that they got but, this time they got it from Southall market for a special occasion ( their cousin-brother's wedding).

Pendoo Man: Ah bloody god. Darling, look! A Gold Chain and RADO watch.... their only £3 each! Let's buy 10 for Uncle Jee and Aunt Jee!
by Sukh The Desi June 11, 2007

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