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Possibly THE COOLEST, most EPIC WIN of a man on Earth!

The 67 year old Santa Claus look-a-like who was provoked into beating the shit outta some punk because he implied that EBM was being racist by asking him to spit shine his Stacy Adams shoes. Also the person who quoted the statement

"I am not prejudice. It could be a chinaman too"

When Epic Beard Man was done with that punk, he was bloody and still talking shit, so EBM went on a raging rampage and said "I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCK WITH ME!!!"

And also the proud wearer of a shirt entitled


One quick search on YouTube of the words Epic and Beard Man will come up with either results of the fight or the filmer of the fight apologizing with bullshit, politically correct terms.

It is also rumored that the Epic Dude is related to that of Chuck Norris and Mr. T. Such rumors have not been confirmed, though.

If one should have the privilege of meeting, Epic Beard Guy, I just want to warn you beforehand:


John: Hey David, did you meet the Epic Beard Man yet?

David: Yeah, he was on the A C Transit Bus this morning beating the shit outta this punk who refused to spit shine his AWESOME Stacy Adams shoes.

John: I guess no-one warned that punk not to fuck with him, eh?

David: Sho' didn't.
by Suedenym February 20, 2010
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