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(1) The act of "coming out of the closet."

(2) Being caught totally off guard by the fact your supposedly straight best friend is actually gay.
Jim, Frank and I were about to go out for a night on the town with the ladies, however, Jim went straight Sulu on our asses.
by Stud McManly June 01, 2007
(1) The damn number that comes after eight, yet before ten.

(2) The not was well known, failed, system of measurement before the metric system.

I'm about to bury my foot nine inches into your ass.
by Stud McManly June 01, 2007
(1) Probably by far the most worthy and giggle-rich definition of the male reproductive member. The definition can, however, also be used to refer to the entire collective male genitalia.

(2) The penis and associated "sack".
Jill was unskilled at first, however, after a few expert lessons she was now fingering my meat bagpipe with expert dexterity.

Christy, skeptical at first, did not believe the rumors of me girth until she lifted me kilt and was forced to "benchpress" me meat bagpipe. Och... Aye!
by Stud McManly August 12, 2007
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