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A verbal war started via texting or emailing in which one hits reply all to a fwd message then everyone starts asking who is this?
Fwd War,

Fwd: Pic
Reply all: Nice
All: Who is this?
by StuckPA December 13, 2010
Any number of people that dwell in the Philadelphia,PA metro area.
Every time I go out around here I run into Phillidiots.
by StuckPA December 18, 2010
A kind of rambling inbred verbage that only people in the Philly/PA/South Jersey metro area understand among their cliques.
"i was u wanna know why.....so gay (he was really gay) asshole (and he was really an asshole) drank one of mine,,,,and i was pissed then he went in the fridge and drank 1/2 another one....so i didnt even have one because i gave my friend half :( so i just drank beer and made them drive me home like 2ish becuase i was beat! so i was very well bahaved!!" ~Phillyspeak
by StuckPA September 12, 2010

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