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A more sophisticated way of saying: "Yea, I'm the shit."
Girl: "Wow! You're a good dancer"
Boy: "Yea, I try"
by StomBomb November 25, 2009
When you take a nap on your bed, but instead of going under the covers, you pull your comforter over your body, thus making a taco.
Joe: Did you just take a nap in my bed!? I just washed those sheets!
Dave: Relax, it was only a taco nap.
by StomBomb February 04, 2010
a cookie you grab early in the morning before work or school because you know they will all be gone when you get home.
Fred: "John, come on! We're gonna be late for work!"
John: "Hold up, gotta grab me an insurance cookie."
by StomBomb August 24, 2009
One of those annoying ass hoes that are only bio majors to try and get to medical school. These people kiss up to their professors trying to get rec letters while simultaneously not giving the smallest shit about biology. They tend to talk loudly before and after class, making sure everyone around them knows that they are taking the MCAT this weekend, or that they're shadowing a doctor this summer.
Medical school hermione: "I have a surgery next week. But I'm not worried. I've seen the procedure done like a million times."
Me: "stfu"

Medical school hermione: "You shouldn't be taking those pills. I would know. I'm pre-med"
Me: "get off my dick bitch"
by StomBomb April 18, 2011
a bro that's real fly; a play on the scientific name of the fruit fly, drosophila melanogaster
Bro 1: Whas up bromosome?
Bro 2: Nothin much brosophila
by StomBomb December 13, 2009
Overachieving-ass hoes (like Hermione) that are in all your biology and chemistry classes. They let everyone around them known that they are pre-med either directly or indirectly through their obnoxious behaviors (including, but not limited to: asking questions about how the material is relevant to the medical field, whether or not the professor has finished writing them a recommendation letter, and boasting about their shadowing experiences). An important thing to note is that not all pre-med hermione's are actually smart, but pretend to be.
Pre-med Hermione: "I'm getting my surgery next week. But I'm not worried; I've seen the procedure done like a hundred times."

Pre-med Hermione: "I can't wait to be a doc. I'm gonna be all like "Open your mouth, and say 'Ah'""

Pre-med Hermione: "Those pills are really bad for you. I would know. I'm pre-med."
by StomBomb May 04, 2011
(verb) when an armenian friend or roommate takes something of yours, and when you ask for it back, they claim that it has been passed down to them from their ancestors, and that you genocided their people. There is no proven method to get this object back after it has been armenian ninja'd.
You: hey vinny, can I get those headphones back?
Vinny: Arrah no way man, my people have been using these headphones since the 8th century! You would know if your people weren't barbaric mongols that slaughtered innocent women and children back in 1915.
You: I just got armenian ninja'd. :'(
by StomBomb June 21, 2009

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