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The Barse is the area on a male body between the balls and the arse. In America it is known as the guch (spelling?). But we're not in America.

The barse is a relatively useless part of the body, a bit like the appendix, and is paid little to no attention until you get barse rash.
Hey you bastard, you hit me in my barse"
#barse #barse rash #balls #arse #guch
by Stolen Glory April 24, 2007
The barse rash is a rash you get on your barse normally during periods of humid or hot weather as a result of moisture attacking the barse. It is quite painful, getting irritated by one's underwear. Normally caused by not drying the barse thoroughly enough, and normally solved with talcum powderng the region like napalm.
Man, this barse rash is killing me. It's making me walk like John Wayne. You got any talcum powder?
#barse #rash #arse #talcum powder #guch #irritant #hot weather
by Stolen Glory April 24, 2007
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