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1 definition by Steve Z

Hibbing (n): synonyms: Hickville, armpit, one horse town: definition- a small ass hickville town in northern Minnesota. Built by inbred ugly farmers in the 1800's. nothing has changed much except for the addition of a walmart, movie theater and a lowe's department store. this town seriously sucks MAJOR ass to live in. if you live here, your parents most likely work in the mines. Everyone here above the age of 40 is a religeous freak, or a drunk, or both. the population is roughly 16,000. and 90% of that is retired people, who shit themselves every day and wear diapers. we have 5 nursing homes, and a bar to person ration of 1 bar for every 500 people. and a church to person ratio of one church for every 1,500 persons, (you think im joking, those are the actual numbers) The high school is actually one of the best educated in the state, which explains why 87% f students get the hell outta Hibbing after they graduate. It sucks to go to, because its full of preps who think their all that, or skater kids who think their hardcore, or the emo kids who think their emo, but they aren't and everyone hates you if your not exactly like them. conformity is common in Hibbing. EVERYONE here loves hockey, except for a few people with a full mouth of teeth. if you dont like hockey and you live here, you will be outcasted like helen keller in a music club. Also, since these people are all close minded and religeous, being a homosexual to them is worse than being a murderer or a child rapist. again, you think im joking. there are only a few people who are actually cool in this town to hang out with, but only a FEW. most of them are stuck up little winy bitches who will hate you if you arent a hick like them. Its a shame the only good thing to do here is go to a movie or go to another large town. Drugs are also common here, and since the police force sucks, except for one or two cops, no one ever gets caught. the people here are also very gullible. school and work never get cancelled, even if its -45 degrees out, and being out in the cold for more than 3 minutes will kill you, it will still not be cancelled. seriously, not even fucking joking. you will be lucky if you never come here. oh! and bob dylan (pothead song writer of the 60's who was known for the hits like 'blowin in the wind' and who wil be forgotten in about 20 years) was born and raised here. people practically worship him. The street his house is in was recently changed from 2nd ave, to BOB DYLAN DRIVE. and it makes all the younger kids wanna shoot themselves, be revived and shott themselves again.
I'd Hate to live in Hibbing! or You seem like you'd live in Hibbing, you hick. or as a subsitute for redneck 'Honestly, a toilet in your from yard? you hibbing!"
by Steve Z February 20, 2007