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A south eastern fruit that can sometimes be used as a japanese tampon. It is also edible and more flavorful after use.
Q: Hey Cory, did your mom feed Kathy her jamongalope?
A: Eat a dick, jeniferjamongalopezdispenserville.
by Steve J G August 25, 2008
A fictional village where jenifer "jamongalope" (see jamongalope) dispenses used edible tampons and occasionally rape feeds them to unsuspecting children in a pez dispenser like fashion.
Cory: You be good Nick and keep your fly zipped, or your mom will send you to jenniferjamongalopezdispenserville.

Nick: Oh snap, I aint after that menstral blood, I'll keep it in my pants.
by Steve J G August 25, 2008
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