1 definition by Stephen Henkel

Emo kids: Whinny People in whom love to listen to emo music(music dealling with crying sad emotional feelings and such). Also they usually don't know how to smile, spend $30 a week and eyeliner and crappy clothes that their parents(that they hate soooo much) pay for. (bfor guys) they have lost their genitalia and decided to become an incestrial gay person(stereo type derived from the dinger of MCR). (girls) They think that emo is cool, mainly do it for the popularity whihc they claim they are against, usually never cut, but act like they will for the attention; they almost always wear ties(for who knows what reason, and they love to listen to crappy music.
MCR, a group of whiny untallented little pricks who are all homosexual. The lead singer of MCR made out with his BROTHER.

Emo kids: I hate my life because I lost my awesome wrist band that said "Love is gone, So I might as well leave". Now I think I must slit my wrists across.
Stupid girl: Awww don't do that I'll love you.
Emo kids:*to himself* so acting like im going to kill myself does work...
by Stephen Henkel November 29, 2005

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