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Exploited certain people for his wealth including pop rock super talent Debbie Davidsohn whom he wrote about on multible albums while oppressing her career as an artist by beating her up, stalking her, threatening her life, and by making false reports about her to police. Roth saw her music videos and wrote about certain scenes such as the scene of Debbie wearing a sparkling silver skirt pulling a voice flyer off of a post on Hollywood Blvd. Roth tried to rape Debbie when she was 15 years old. He became psycho when she was doing her own thing in her own bands, with her own friends. One night he stalked her at the Cat N Fiddle on Sunset by pushing her down and had his two mafioso thug guards take her outside on the side in the dark to harm her. When she was working on a black civil rights project entitled, "One My Valentine" with an Afro American team as associate producer, actress, and singer, Roth went balistics and tried to destroy the production. He made false police reports and followed her at a restaurant and had two thugs beat her up outside the restaurant. Although hurt and shaken, she continued on the project and the play won 22 major awards from the Southern California Motion Picture Council. She also played Scala Weinberger, the only Caucasian to fight discrimination against African Americans in the play and sang "Ebony & Ivory" .

Later it was discovered that David Lee Roth had raped a little girl named Pearla Carbohol at the Troubadore nightclub.
by Starreporter March 03, 2013

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