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I hate how every1 at school goes around to all the kids n says "oh do u no that black means sex or pink means flashing" ? its like so what go ahead think that but who cares?? i mean some idiot person makes up meanings and posts them some where online n kids go on to that website n now every thinks these bracelets have a meaning. i dont believe in them n i wear almost all the colors and i buy them from the mall n what reallie gets on my nerves is when i buy them them ppl that r at the register go "oh dont let ppl break ur....colored bracelet. i usually just roll my eyes and walk away because they're just acting like total jerks. i mean hello not all of us believe in this stuff so GET OVER IT ALREADY!!! i mean if ur gonna buy colored bracelets hopeing for some1 to just ripe them off so u can do something then y u dont u just ask them???
Heres what they mean to ppl at my school:
Black= Sex
Purple= Make-out
Pink= French kiss or flash
Clear Pink= Girls Choice
Blue= Blow job
Clear Blue= Anal Sex
Green= Oral Sex
Clear Green= Boys Choice
Red= Lap Dance
Orange= Kiss on cheek
Yellow= Hug
Clear Glitter= Breakers Choice
Gold and every other color= All of above
by Star Struck June 27, 2005

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