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1. a woman who will do anything to get her hands on all "members of the band" and seduce them. She stalks stars and uses and abuses them. She's a very aggressive starfucker.

2. a #1 hit by Michael Jackson that hit the top during the spring and summer of 1988. It's the fifth #1 hit from his "Bad" album. It details a sort of paranoia edge.
1. When I was leaving the arena after a Van Halen concert there were two young cheap tarts who were in tight black dresses and had 10 gallon drums worth of make-up piled on their faces. A stage hand packing up equipment yelled to the two Dirty Diana wannabes: "They're all married. You can't get up here. Go home!". They turnedaround and left in a huffy way. Aw RATS!

2. Steve Stephens, guitarist for Billy Idol plays a "laser beam" effect solo on "Dirty Diana".

3. Dirty Diana, nah

Come on!
#groupie #predater #come backstage #paternity suit #sex #dirty woman #hard rock #r.i.p.
by Star Roqer July 05, 2009
1. a star whose songs grab a lotta coins in a jukebox so those specific songs are played.

2. of course, the term is also the title of a 1982 hit by the band Foreigner. It's from their epic hit album "4" (yes, that's the name of the album!).
1. whenever I was in Papa John's pizza joint with a girlfriend or solo, I'd often put in 50 cents to play "Astronomy Domine" by Pink Floyd. It sounds like some sort of "rock'n'roll Star Trek". In that respect, Syd, Roger, Richard and Nick are juke box heroes.

2. When I saw Foreigner live, the concert concluded with "Juke Box Hero" and just before the coda there would be a smoke bomb exploding with a thunderous boom on stage and emitting green smoke.
#lou gramm #rick wills #mick jones #dennis elliot #thomas dolby #robert john mutt #lange #winter 1982 #hard rock #us #uk #stars in his eyes #with that one guitar #now he needs to keep a-rocking #make to the top #come alive tonight #unh! #in a town without a name #in a heavy downpour #bought a beat-up six-string in a second-hand store #made his whole life changed #night life #1981
by Star Roqer July 05, 2009
1. one of many slang terms for marijuana.

2. a hit song by Rick James.

3. a hard candy (honest!). It can be found in nostalgic catalogs such as that of the Vermont Country Store.
1. Mary Jane is a very popular girl. I was at a Pink Floyd concert and sure enough she was there! The smoke got all over our clothes and hair. I never saw so much grass smoking in my life.

2. I saw Rick James and his Stone City Band ("stone", get it?) on the Dick Clark show on TV. They performed "Mary Jane". I was VERY young at the time, not even a teenager yet and I could tell that this wasn't simply a love song, this was about toking.

3. When I paged thru a catalog my mom got in the mail I saw 2 pages featuring old fashioned candy. There was Mary Jane hard candy. I got the giggling fits over that.

4. Mary Jane is the girl for me. I'm good to her and she is good to me....

5. Mareee Jayyynnee...
#psychedelic #funk #i am in love #spliff #joint #toke #woman #weed #tea #gage #stepped outside and smoked myself a j #rock'n'roll #love #heaven
by Star Roqer July 05, 2009
AKA "Guitar Hero". A guitarist known for extraordinary skill, flash, style and influence. Usually this applies to rock'n'roll guitarists but not exclusively.
1. Chet Adkins is labeled as a country guitarist but he's delved into more genres than that. I saw him once on PBS where he performed TWO patriotic songs on his acoustic guitar - one song played on the strings near the sound hole, and the other tune on the neck. The 2 songs were being played at the same time! Chet looks like a guitar god to me.

2. When Dire Straits guitarist Mark Knopfler won an MTV Guitarist of the Year award he was amazed and surprized, saying that he never considered himself to be a "guitar god". He later made an album with Chet Adkins.

3. I have seen many bands in concert that have influential guitarists. Some of the guitar gods I have seen are:
Eddie Van Halen,
Stevie Ray Vaughn,
The Edge (U2),
Steaming Steve Clark (Def Leppard),
Rick Neilsen (Cheap Trick),
Alex Lifeson (Rush),
Johnny Ramone,
Vernon Reid (Living Colour),
Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd),
Keith Richards (Rolling Stones),
Dick Dale and more.

4. Other people who fall under the rank of "guitar god" include Jeff Healey, Eric Clapton, Dimebag Darryl Abbot, George Harrison, George Benson, Neil Schon (Journey), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Andy Taylor (Duran Duran), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Angus Young (AC/DC), B.B. King, Bo Diddley, Robert Johnson, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Pete Townshend, Dave Davies (Kinks), and of course LBNL the late great Jimi Hendrix.
#god #divine #deity #six-string #acoustic #picker #electric #twanger #juke box hero #rock'n'roll #blues #jazz #country music #lucille #bessie #slowhand #crossroads #guitar man
by Star Roqer May 24, 2009
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