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A phrase used when an individual is latching on to another individual's celebratory expletive. Can usually be a secondary battle cry, or used to show the coolness of a primary indivual. Widely popularized by the Adult Swim television show Frisky Dingo
1st Guy: Dude! I just turned 21! Boosh!
2nd guy: And or kakow!

1st guy: ...So let's do this! Boo-yah!
2nd guy: And or kakow!

1st guy: I just kicked some guy in the nuts! Awesome!
2nd guy: And or kakow!
by Stan Clones March 29, 2010
The editors for Urbandictionary.com who just reject everything, even good definitions. Then, they cackle maniacally and floss their teeth with the whiskers of clubbed baby seals. (At least they're flossing)
Me: You fucking Leebellers! Stop rejecting my post for And or kakow, because I'm just going to keep posting it. You accept things that people just make up off the top of there heads (this being a great example) and don't accept legitimate definitions. I'm determined to strong arm this into public speak!
by Stan Clones March 29, 2010
That guy who gives everyone nicknames that have nothing to do with their own identity.
Pseudonymonymer: I'm going to call you Onions!

Other guy: But my name is Steve...And I hate onions...
by Stan Clones March 29, 2010
An indivdual from Spokane, Washinton who believes they are "gangsta". A Spoklahomie doesn't seem to understand that Spokane isn't exactly a huge city, and is surrounded by tiny little cities, cows, foresty mountains, and a desert and is nothing like Seattle. A Spoklahomie may also refer to their home city as "Spocompton".
Dude 1: Look at those Spoklahomies on the corner.

Dude 2: Don't get too close, they seem to think this is Seattle...
by Stan Clones March 30, 2010
Slang for useless
Guy 1: That coke that guy sold us is actually baking soda! Man, this shit is 404!
by Stan Clones March 29, 2010
A person who posts the names of people, whom they make like or dislike, onto the Urban Dictionary website for whatever pety or creepy reason. If not just to take up the time of the editors.
Dude: I'm going to define larry as "A gay ass motherfucker" on Urbandictionary.com!

Other dude: You're kind of a Rinsed bin aren't you?


Other dude: Look it up!
by Stan Clones March 29, 2010
Nicoling is the process of a supervisor disliking an employee, and so said supervisor tries as hard as possible to find a legal reason to fire the employee. Such things may include but are not limited to, shift changes without notifying employee, changing hours to ridiculous times, and giving the employee impossible to complete tasks to be completed in a small ammount of time.
Guy: Mr. Insert Name totally Nicoled me, it was not cool!

Guy 2: Did he get you?

Guy: Yeah, he changed my shift without notifying me, and then fired me for absentiism, and now I can't get another job.

Guy 2: What a nicoling bitch!

Guy: I know!
by Stan Clones April 03, 2010

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