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A variation of the common phrase "watch and learn", used when demonstrating an action so difficult and skillful that viewers would never be able to "learn" how to do it, simply "yearn" to one day be able to pull off such an act.
Jonathan Ross: Oit Russ, that Katy Perry bird is lookin' mightly fine tonight. If only I'd shacked up wiv someone that looked like that.....

Russel Brand: Watch and yearn, Jonathan, watch and yearn.....

I saw Chris Brown pullin' off some bangin' moves the other day at that MTV concert. I could but watch and yearn.
by Spurs27 July 22, 2011
The act of trapping someone in a circle of people who then push him/her around within the circle as violently as possible, sort of like a circle of death. Particularly brutal when the victim is drunk. Gets its name from the fact that the person in the middle of the circle often gets well and truly merked. Punching, kicking, scratching, headbutting and biting are often part and parcel of a merkle circle.
Mother: Oh my god Perry what happened to you? You've got a bloody nose and a patch of hair has been ripped off your crown!
Perry: I got merkle circled three times at school today. The third time, in the changing rooms, I was butt naked.

Performing a merkle circle on unsuspecting victims is a favourite hobby of many immature chavs.
by Spurs27 August 04, 2011

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