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1) A movie that tries to make a classic film relevant by modernizing it.

2) A movie redone by the same director with changes.

3)A movie based on a book, play, or musical that imitates & does not diverge much from a previous movie based on the source material.
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory does not qualify as a remake of Willy Wonka, as they are both based on the book & are very different.

There are over 12 Alice in Wonderland movies, some based on the play, some based on the book. None of them are remakes of eachother.

Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies do not qualify as remakes of the Rankin & Bass & Ralph Bakshi movies.

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella has been remade 3 times.
by Spritle101 June 28, 2011
Someone who is repulsed & feels threatened by by intimacy between non same sex peoples.
An asexual person has heterophobia & semihomophobia; being perfectly fine with gays of the opposite gender who pose no personal threat of amorous ambitions, but disgusted by straight persons of the opposite gender & gay persons of the same gender.

The aversion to persons of the opposite gender stem from a misandric or misogynistic upbringing. The distaste for sexual persons of the same gender are resentment from an inability to sympathise with a person who would intimately fraternize with the person of the opposite gender. The disgust in the gay persons of the same gender come from the threat of being flirted with & because straight members of the opposite gender seem to have a fetish for gay members of the opposite sex.

(Yes, straight women DO fantasize about gay men, It's called yaoi).
by Spritle101 July 06, 2011

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