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1. really infantile, stupid, banal, dumbed down and insulting to the intelligence radio format, music and DJ commentary. The DJ is often a chatterbox cretin who spouts out drivel that amounts to next to nothing and the music played is so idiotic and annoying you want to smash your radio.

2. a 1984 hit song by the band Queen. It's a kind-of protest against the moronic content of radio broadcasting. It hit #1 in Holland and Sweden, #2 in the UK and Top 15 in the U.S.A.
1. All we hear is Radio Ga-Ga, Radio Goo-Goo, Radio Na-Na. All we hear is Radio Ga-Ga. Radio, what's new? Radio, someone still loves you.

2. the current sensation Lady Gaga took her moniker from this song. The irony is that she gets more attention for what she's got on (a new strange outfit every week!) and her music itself is pretty vapid and not very original. She's more style than substance. She plays Radio Ga-Ga, Radio Goo-Goo, Radio Na-Na...
by Spirit In An Orwellian World March 26, 2010
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