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5 definitions by Spike Dawgg

Extreme partying that includes lots of liquor, drugs, hot chicks, open bedrooms. Party that has no end time.
Yeah, tonight we're gonna party down like Tupac was still alive. Lots of bush, booze, bud, and beds, bro.
by Spike Dawgg April 26, 2010
218 93
To be showing off your colors, letting the world know who's your crew and hood.

Getting up in someone's face to let them know who you are, who you run with, and where you hang.
Devon was downtown representing when a punk got in his face.

Wearing our colors, flashing our signs....that be representing.

We be representing so everyone knows who we are.
by Spike Dawgg May 09, 2010
84 8
A DWIT is a hapless person who's caught between being a dweeb and a twit. A total loser with no hope of ever changing. A DWIT is more of a put down than either of its words of origin.
The used car salesman sold that DWIT a Yugo.

Only a DWIT would try to smack down a pit bull.

He's a total DWIT. He asked his cousin to go to prom with him
by Spike Dawgg July 14, 2010
49 3
The socially toxic pollution created by a person's psychotic or borderline psychotic meltdown. The confusion, frustration, resentment and anger others experience during AND after a friend or loved one's psychological breakdown. The abbreviation of "psychological hazardous waste." The psychological equivalent to "biological hazardous waste (biohazardous)."
Leonard's explosive temper left his family and friends in an uncomfortable atmosphere of psychohazardous waste.

The result of Kiesha's unforeseen meltdown was a joyous occasion spoiled by the destructive psychohazardous waste left behind.
by Spike Dawgg February 03, 2011
23 1
When a woman gets on top and sits on a guy's dick
She loves to ride the baloney pony, which is good, cause I just lay there and let her pound away.
by Spike Dawgg April 26, 2010
15 2