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The current prestident of The United States of America. Has done much to further education with the No Child Left Behind program. Also, he led America throught the worst attack on our soil in this century, September 11, 2001. He also hold the record for the highest approval rating EVER, which was 96% on September 13, 2001. After this attack on our country, declared war on the terrorist and any goverment supporting them. The Taliban of Afganistan was the first to feel America's vengance. Since then, America's armed forces have liberated the people of Afganistan and Iraq. Iraq has just written thier new constituion and has already held elections, bring democracy and stability to the Middle East.George W. Bush has led us throught the darkest times in recent history, an attack, a small depression, and war. For this he should be celebrated, not hated.
George W. Bush is one of this country's greatest presidents.
by Speaker for Reason January 17, 2006

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