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A really, really fat women.
Jennys such a fucking marshmallow pig.
by Spazpotato August 12, 2009
Someone, whose actions are so retarded, they can be seen from space.

Name takes influence from Sputnik, the first satellite to orbit the earth.
"Man, Freddie is busting some moves of spaznik proptions!"
by Spazpotato July 05, 2013
The aching pain in one wrist when one has masturbated far too much. Similar to RSI.
"Oh man! Last night I was wanking so hard I gave myself wristlash!"
by Spazpotato July 11, 2009
When one over uses funny jokes to such an extent that the jokes themselves become unfunny. As seen in the "comedian" Frankie Boyle.
You've over-used that joke so much! You got Frankie Boyle Syndrome?
by Spazpotato July 19, 2009

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