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I read all the entries for the North Jersey Town. I lived here from 91-96 and I am having flashbacks.

Sparta, New Jersey is about how the heat and ac never worked in the school. You will freeze your ass off walkin around in January with your jacket on in the school that is made up of all these little pods like they started with one pod and kept adding on. Its the weirdest structure ever seen. It looks like a temporary structure. Its the strangest thing ever that they have not yet built a new building even though the jr high kids had split sessions and had to send the 8th graders to the High School building even back in 1996. How can that town with all its money be so ass backwards? Do the senior citizens still reject every proposals? The only franchises the town will allow in the downtown area are Dairy Queen and BK. Probably still true today in 2008. Franks Pizza has always been the skater and stoner hangout from back to the day when it first came about, my friends were the original delivery drivers back in 1995 which was also the first year of the Mens Lacrosse Team. True that all the emos hang out at Dunkin Donuts, and the Volunteer Fire Fighters hang out across the street from the Sev (7-11) Kroghs is the only cool thing about Sparta. Everyone talking about Sparta is right The lake, its nasty. They need to drain it, for real. How on earth did they get that much water there?? Thats just a bunch of stagnant water and its levied at a higher level above the actual town, that makes no sense. They should destroy the dam and watch Potts' Doggie Shop get obliterated by the rushing water. Even back in 1995 there were only 5 minorities and I was one of them. Did they tear down the basketball court near DQ that I used to play at every day after school?
Youre from Sparta?..... Home of the ghettoist looking High School in Sussex County?
by Sparta HS 91-95 May 11, 2008

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