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A Southern stiff drink; usually in the afternoons
Tottie Time!
by Southern girl May 17, 2012
pretty much the most wickedness of all bands man........best songs are southern girl,stellar,i miss you,pistola,smile lines,pardon me,Beware Criminal,here in my room,nice to know you,are you in,pretty much every song that has ever been sung by incubus is greatness....and im not sayin brandon boyd is the band but he is beautiful and i love him......ben and mike and chris are all really awesomeness too though........incubs is seriously the best band ever though no question!!!....and their new dvd is the sh** i love it.......
not coolness person: incubus?.....wtf is that?...
awesomness person:dude you are the least awesomness person ever....i oughta punch you in the ovaries.....
by southern girl June 16, 2006
Beautiful town minus all the rude yankee tourists! Get the fuck back to Jersey and pollute your own damn air
Williamsburg-Yankees= Ideal town
by Southern Girl November 08, 2004
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