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a male, commonly mistaken as being black when in reality is most likely asian. he is still a beast at basketball though. he has a good sense of style, and smells like heaven. his music ranges from alternative to indie rock, and he loves romantic comedies. he is ridiculously cute, attractive, swole, intelligent, and cool, yet he refuses to take any such compliments. he believes he's a hopeless romantic, but he's still in school. what he doesn't realize is that when he gets out into the world, he will be turning girls away in the masses. wayne is not one to be blown off or forgotten. he is good with words, and knows how to appreciate sentimental moments, despite the fact that he isn't as ghetto as he would like to be. he knows all the words to She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5, and if played, he can most likely be caught singing to it.

whoever he asks
- on a date
- to prom
- to marry him
will be the luckiest girl on earth.

DO NOT break his heart.

girl: i'm going to the movies with wayne.

mom: is wayne black?

girl: no mom. he's actually asian..

mom: oh. okay. i guess that's alright.


girl 1: wayne smelled UHMAZING today.

girl 2: did you hug him?

girl 1: no i could still smell him though.


wayne: i can't give you that. no one can..

girl: stop quoting 500 Days of Summer!!!


girl: boiiii you swole!!

wayne: i am not swole! >:(

girl: yeaa you be so jacked.

wayne: haha. but forrl. you're probably stronger than me.


girl 1: you know wayne?

girl 2: yeah.. *smirks at the thought of knowing him
by SoulSister February 24, 2010

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