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Carla is a truly beautiful girl. She may not believe it, but she is. She has long, wavy, and gorgeous black hair that you just would love to run your fingers through. She is beautiful inside and out. Carla is a caring and loving person that always goes the extra mile for everyone. She has a huge heart that many people admire. Carla charms everyone she meets, she's just that fabulous. She is an extremely intelligent girl. She gives a hundred percent at everything she does. And Carla cares for everyone she meets, even strangers :) She is also a very talented person because she excels at everything she puts her mind to. Her laugh feels everyone with an undescrible joy. Her voice and skill in music is far from ordinary. All in all, she is a hilarious, gorgeous, a great friend to everyone she has ever met :) And any guy would be lucky to date a girl who is half as laid back and awesome as Carla.
Hey, do you see that girl, Carla, over there?

Yeah, man.

She seems really cool. I wanna go talk to her, but I'm too scared. How could a guy like me every have a chance with a girl like her?
by Someone who loves Carla November 05, 2012

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