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The act and/or result of a man taking such a large shit that it ice-creams beyond the water level while simultaneously pushing against the ejaculatory gland in the rectum hard enough to make the man ejaculate(cum like a stallion) on the peak of the newly formed shit mountain, creating a brown and white massive volcano shit
"Babe you aren't gonna believe I the dump just unloaded! I think I'll call it Mount Vesuvius."
by someone stole my name February 13, 2014
The condition suffered by those who channel-surf too quickly, and pass by their favourite commercial or sitcom punchline without stopping.
Derek: "Shit danny, go back to that commercial, its funny"

(Danny panics to control his button-addicted fingers)
Danny: "Im trying! Im trying!"

Derek: "Sh*t Danny, you missed it. F*ck! F*ck you - I hate you"

Danny: "Fuck brah, you've got a serious case of Tv Tourette's"

Derek: "I'd kill you if I didn't have a cougar crush on your Mother."
by Someone stole my name October 21, 2009
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