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2 definitions by Sodium Thallium E

The Republican Party is a group of useless, self-serving fuckwits who believe that the only people who deserve to live are rich, white, Christian, straight, Americans with only one genital member. They also believe that the only animals that deserve to live are either human beings or wild game for hunting. Republicans tend to believe that unborn embryos are not allowed to be killed, even if they are found in 12-year-old girls. On the other side of the coin, they will send possibly disabled men through the draft system into Iraq, where the only thing we should be doing there is helping to rebuild the country. And all the while, all our "President" Bush is doing is twaddling his half-incher. Democrats, on the other hand, have a good amount of self-respect and discipline, and are interested in the education of today's children (Ex. Special Ed, Sex Ed, Gifted programs) and how the middle and lower class people manage to survive with the little money they are given so single fathers have to feed six children and a cat and pay for the rich people's taxes that the Republicans force on them along with their own on a budget of a few dollars a month. But Republicans don't give a fuck whatsoever. Republicans are responsible for Causing the Great Depression, Keeping the Great Depression going strong, the Watergate Scandal, the assassination of JFK (Lee Harvey Oswald was, indeed, a republican,) Global Warming, and many other problems. In short, Republicans are the bane of the Earth and will in turn destroy it. Republicans are on hand-walking themselves to Hell.
Republicans suck.
by Sodium Thallium E August 07, 2008
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