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1 definition by SmurfLaw

A derogatory slang term for hetereosexuals and heterosexual couples. Primarily used within the male homosexual community in the 1980s and early 1990s and, to a lesser extent, by fervent pro-population control advocates who deliberately choose not to have children.

This definition has been eclipsed by the contemporary use of the term "birther" to describe those who question President Obama's citizenship/eligibility to be President. However, it now has a double entendre "inside joke" aspect to it when used by gays (and to a lesser extent, lesbians) in reference to conservative "birther" (anti-Obama) activists.

As acceptance of homosexuality has become more mainstream since the 1990s, this derogatory term for straights/straight-couples has fallen out of use in all but the most hard-core gay circles.
The birthers who passed Proposition 8 in California are all conservative religious fundamentalists who need to keep their Bible out of politics.

China's "one-child" policy is the only way to keep those birthers from destroying Gaia (Mother Earth).
by SmurfLaw January 09, 2011