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Pretty much all a calculator was useful for in school.
Why solve equations when you can make boobless appear?
by Smoz Daddy October 03, 2007
Its impossible to be unhappy in a poncho.
Person A: Oh man I'm so depressed, arent you sad for me?
Person B: Sorry, its just im wearing this poncho, and its impossible to be unhappy in a poncho!.
by Smoz Daddy August 22, 2006
An Australian musician rising in popularity. His theory is that one becomes succesful through good looks and a cool last name(like his own, Sky) moreso than actual talent, although he is also very talented.
A: Woah did you see that band last night dude?
B: Yeah they were all pretty mediocre, except Nick Sky!
A: I know how unbelievable was he playing the guitar?
B: He's pretty good looking too.
by Smoz Daddy August 21, 2006
A system of beliefs, Most of which can neither be absolutely proved or absolutely disproved.
Agnosticism is the only religion we can be sure of
by Smoz Daddy May 12, 2007
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