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abbreviation of dodgy
something thats unsafe, unsure, sounds like a scam is dodgy
non dodge or non dodgy is all good
This is an aussie and nz word
friend #1: i found this new way to make money from home
friend #2: sounds like a scam
friend #1 nah its totally non dodge
friend #2: yeah whatever

friend #1: i bumped in to your mate the other day, he seemed heaps dodge
friend #2: yea hes always scattered on saturday nights
#dodgy #shady #shifty #wierd #agro
by Sleezey-E January 28, 2010
A word use normally means did you remember to bring substance '(?)'. These days with cell phone taps and public phone calls on the train or whatever, you cant always use street/common words. Especially good when at work so you sound like your on a work call.
Me: How did you go?
Friend: No Joy, I called the guy but nah, you think you can brang it ?
Me: Yeah Dude, ill make some inquiries

Friend: Did you bring it?
Me: Yeah i brang it !

Me: What are you gonna do on friday?
Friend: i dunno, ill brang it and we'll chill out
Me: yeah sounds good
Friend: awesome give me an hour
#weed #bud #pot #phone lingo #non dodge #nothin suss
by Sleezey-E January 27, 2010
similar to layby concept, but its a verbal agreement normally
You have to pay someone back for the goods at some point which is normally between mates
could be a burger, a pack of smokes
Normally not more than $50 or so
Friend#1: How did you get that new CD i though you were broke till next week?
Friend#2: Yea i got it on tix, my mate works there
#layby #payback #hookup #tics #paid
by Sleezey-E January 28, 2010
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