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1.A funny ass actor on who's line is it anyways

2.A man who makes Bryan Gumble look like Malcome X
Wayne Brady: Does Wayne Brady have to chock a bitch
Random dude: Oh s*** it's Wayne Brady son!
by Slayga December 11, 2005
An amaradillo dude from Shining force.
He has good defence and somewhat of a good attack.
by Slayga August 10, 2005
When you, your friend, or your body part starts twitching or acting strange. And sometimes if it's you or someone you'll go insane maybe.
Jordan: My arms wigging out man
random dude: So your point
Andrew: watch out his arm is on a rampage
(Jordan's arm wacks everyone around him)
by Slayga December 11, 2005
An innoying song from the Sponge bob Square pants movie. also an under sea peanut that Sponge bob and Patrick admire.
I'm NOT a Goofy goober!
by Slayga August 10, 2005

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