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Giggle Biscuits are biscuits that contain Weed in them. These Biscuits are a sneaky way of getting blazed.

When taking Giggle Biscuits around they place you should pack them tight in a container. The smell is quite strong so be careful as your parents may get a bit suspect.

Giggle Biscuits make a good combo when combined with Burt the couch

Giggle Biscuits take about 1-2 hours to kick in so when you are eating them, try have aprox 3. If nothing is happening after 2 hours eat ALL the rest like the Cookie Monster until you can see God which means you are tripping because he is not real, unless you have been on the "Giggles"
Example 1

Levi: Hey want to come around to mine tonight?

Emilie: Yer sure, I've got some "Giggle Biscuits" if your hungry.

Levi: They better have the icing this time! If I wanted to eat cardboard I would goto Mac'rs

Emilie: Well soz Levi but we aren't all Soft Cocks like you.

Levi: LOLOLOLOL they are kicking in and I'm only thinking about them.

Example 2

Mrs Kenny: Man those biscuits smell funky, what recipe did you use Emilie?

Emilie: Oh just one of mlgpro.com

Mrs Kenny: Oh yer, Slaughtr Destny/Carl lives on that site. I think he wants to be Tsquared.

Carl: Yo quit hating nubcakes this is my time to shine! Man I'm hungry, Emilie chuck us a Giggle Biscuit pl0x

Emilie: Here have 3, see how you can take it.

Carl: Well if they had icing it could be slightly edible but pfft guess I better man up

Emilie: Maybe I didn't put enough plural/weed in there.

Carl 2 hours later: LOLOLOLOL

Emilie: WTF are you upta Carl?


Levi: Dam those Giggle Biscuits

Carl: I <3 you Emma!

Example 3

Carl: Can I have a rid home, Timby pl0x?

Tim: I dunno, I can't really drive as I can't see cause I can't stop loling.

Carl: Thats alright, guess I'll have to get a taxi home at 3am


Tim: Yer everyone got laid when you left

Carl: FML
by Slaughtr Destny May 18, 2009

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