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n- a molecule containing both hydrophilic (water loving, polar) and hydrophobic (water hating, nonpolar) parts, thus enabling the mixture of two generally imiscible (noncompatable) solvents such as oil and water.
soap, dish detergent, and molecules such as oleic acid and sodium dodecylsulfate (SDS) are all surfactants.
by Skippy McJimmers March 21, 2006
n- acronym for dimethylacetamide {CH3CON(CH3)2}, a polar, water-miscible solvent used for carrying out chemical reactions or casting polymer films. CAS: 127-19-5, density: .937 g/cm^3, bp: 165C, mp: -20C.

typically pronounced either by spelling out the letters or simply "d-mac". Exhibits solvation characteristics similar to other polar solvents such as acetone, DMSO, or THF.
after dissolving the polymer in DMAc we cast films and allowed them to dry.
by Skippy McJimmers March 21, 2006
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