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4 definitions by Skimadikal

The act of saying or doing something arrogant/egotistical.

The act of always trying to put the attention back on yourself no matter the situation.

Originating from Kanye West.

Someone who is constantly Westing is called a Wester.

Shane - My dads in hospital.

Dane - No shit? Is he ok?

Kanye - Yo, I was in hospital once. loved myself too hard...

Shane - I'm going to head over after if you wanna come.

Dane - sure man.

Kanye - I came once

Dane - stop fucking Westing.


Jane - I like your skirt.

Kanye - Its not the skirt. Everything looks fantastic on me.

Jane - Oh ok.

Kanye - more than ok. Nothing is ever less than spectacular with me. I mean look at me. I made this, I wasnt just born. I created everything you see.... I.. I .. Me .. Me..

Jane - You're a bit of a Wester arent ya?
by Skimadikal October 29, 2009
Australian slang.

A polite way of saying Cunt (The insult not the genitalia)

Can also be abbreviated to C. Hunt
Juju - give me a smoke

Benji - its my last one.

Juju - *snatches smoke*

Benji - Christopher Hunt
by Skimadikal October 29, 2009
Big dark protruding nipples almost cubish in shape.

Nipples that resemble The fruchoc snack.
boy - looking kinda perky today.

girl - shut up you, Its too hot for a bra.

boy - yeah, i can see your fruchocs

by Skimadikal October 29, 2009
A person who drives abnormally close to the curb.

Generally the elderly.
Bill - Slow down, It looks like that cars gonna park.

Ted - Nah, It's just a gutter runner.
by Skimadikal October 29, 2009