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1 definition by Skibz McCullock

A mythical creature in Boozookian legend that is rumored to create peace and prosperity in times of dire need. A mutant messiah, if you will.

This is a major plot point of the 1994 French computer game 'The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth', which approximately 14 people have played and only 8 have finished.

Alternately, it can be used as an insult, which, in the *real world*, is pretty much the only usage of the word that won't make people question your sanity.....maybe.
One day, the Schnibble will arrive, and free us from oppression...

By the Schnibble's beard, you're really pissing me off!!!

You Schnibble-head!
by Skibz McCullock November 30, 2009