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English Speech: Adverb;
Definition: Unsuccesful
To do something poorly, to suck at something, to perform at less than your generally accepted norm, screw the pooch, etc.

badly, crudely, defectively, inadequately, incompetently, inexpertly, inferiorly, insufficiently, shabbily, unsuccessfully, clumsily, disgracefully, disreputably, dreadfully, inadequately, incompletely, poorly, reprehensibly, shoddily, unforgivably, unpleasantly, wickedly, wretchedly
"Oh, he just pulled a bode" as someone falls when walking; or
"Wow, I really 'bode'ed' that" as I spill my coffee, ski off course, or whatever the case may be.
by Ski Bum March 10, 2006

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