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2 definitions by Sk8erboi Josh

1. (noun) a game in which one or more players count (out loud) how many gimps they see in a day.
2. (noun) the current or final tally of gimps counted during this game

The game is played thusly: upon seeing the first gimp of the day, the player or players point at the gimp in question and loudly say "One!". Then, when another gimp is sighted, the players again point, this time saying "Two!". The game continues like this until the end of that day, at which time the final tally is stated. The next day, a new count begins.
Dude, we went to the mall today and they were bringing in a busload of retards from the home. Our gimp count went through the roof!
by Sk8erboi Josh October 31, 2004
an abbreviation of "piece of shit". Used as a derogatory term, frequently to describe one of several types of inferior automobiles, including: Camaro, El Camino, Firebird, Trans Am, Corvette, and Beetle
Hey, check out Mr. Mullet-head Def Leppard fan over there in the P.O.S. Camaro!
by Sk8erboi Josh October 31, 2004